Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sorry to anyone who has gotten interested in my blog, but unfortunately I am currently unable to do any blogging. Not that I don't want to but the circumstances in my life right now just don't allow for that special pleasure. Please be patient with me as I'm sorting myself out. Thank you for your patientce.

Vet visit

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I took Cindy, my Ferret, to the Vet and they had to put her to sleep as it was Lymphatic cancer. She was 7 years old. She will be very missed, at least I still have the other 2, Mother & Son. I'm glad that I don't have to get home to an empty house every day.
Good bye Cindy!

4th July

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Happy 4th of July to all my dear American blog buddies.

I hope that you have a really great day today.

Hope that the weather holds out for you and you can have a wonderful day. Enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Love you all.xxx


I was playing with my Ferrets yesterday, and I noticed a big lump in Cindy's neck. I hadn't noticed it before. Cindy likes to hide herself away a bit. She likes to be left alone, most of the time, so I let her be as she wants to. Yesterday she wanted some cuddles so I gave them to her, that is when I found the lump. I didn't notice it a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm worried that this may be the end.

This is how Goofy died, one of my previous Ferrets.
In the span of 3 weeks he went from having no lump to dying.

I phoned the vets last night and they said that they're closing, so I should call back this morning, which I did. They told me that it isn't life threatening so I should bring her in on Monday afternoon.

Why couldn't they tell me yesterday, that they only do life emergency's today, instead of me building my hopes to know that they'll be taking care of her and making her better, hopefully. Ok maybe I'm just over reacting , but I care very deeply.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My ~Sister found a great looking camping place, she asked if I would go with her, no brainer, of course the answer is yes. So we're going on 20 th of this month till 31 then we're coming back. The next day I will be going to my assembly, for the next 2 days. I will be looking forward to that. That will be a great time, we've never been away together. I hope the weather will be good for us.
Who knows, I will be taking my camcorder with me, so I hope that I will be able to get some pictures & videos up. That is if I can ever work out how to do it.

Garden camping

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Well it works out that we're not camping in the back garden of my Sister's after all. Why? The tent is TOOOOOO BBBBIIIIIGGGGG. Yep, that's right! TOO BIG! At least we worked out how the tent goes up, I guess that's something. On top of that it is now raining, so we're not having the barbecue either, and all the logs that we gathered yesterday will get wet and wont be able to be used for quite some time now. Ah well. Never mind. Such is life, and we're still going to have fun regardless. It is Thunder and Lightning, beautifull to watch.

Garden care

Friday, 26 June 2009

Hi Anybody!
Today my dear "old" Sister and I went and got some logs for the fire burner and for her fire pit which we hope to be trying out tomorrow for a wee barbecue. I know of a place where you can go and get free wood if you're willing to rummage around in the wood pile and drag them out for yourself, which Then we had to unload them at her house. We're going to be camping in her back garden tomorrow night, just her & me. Looking forward to that.
Well in order to get the tent, a big 4 m bell tent, up in her garden we first had to clean off the deck. We got the jet wash out & had fun doing that, what a mess that makes but how clean things come up. We didn't even know that the deck had gotten this dirty. Hope it dries so that we can bang down any nails that are still sticking out, we don't want them to tear the tent apart.
Then we cleaned the stairs in the garden and the patio with the jet wash, wow. So glad that the weather, which was meant to be horrendous, held out for us as long as it did, so that we got all that done. The jet wash is amazing and lots of fun to use. Well we thought so anyhow. We were like kids, "you had enough of a go it's my turn" ,"no it's not it's still my turn you wait"
It was hard work an the one hand and a lot of fun on the other.
I hope that the weather is good for tomorrow. I haven't done a lot of camping in my time.Well actually only once that I can remember, and that wasn't in anyone's back garden. So this will be a new and interesting experience for me. I hope! I will let you know next week how it went, but it should be great as it's with my Sister and we know how to have a good time together, most times. d
Well that's the end of my story telling, what about you?